Exploring aroma components in red wine

What flavours result from barrel ageing wine? What do ‘cork taint’ and 'volatile acidity' smell like? Find out at our wine tasting workshop of 11 wines with The Art of Tasting’s Sietze Wijma.

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What is the event about?

  • At this unique workshop, flavour chemistry specialist Sietze Wijma – who boasts an MSc in in Sensory Science – will explain the origins of 10 important flavour compounds in red wine
  • Sietze will also teach you how to recognise them.
  • The compounds that will be discussed include bell pepper pyrazine, vanillin and TCA and others.

How does it work?

  • You will be given 11 samples of the same neutral wine, then a variety of aroma compounds will be added to 10 glasses to help you identify specific flavours.
  • The session will conclude with a blind recognition activity to put your tasting skills to the test.
  • This is the perfect event for any intermediate-level wine students or enthusiasts looking to take their tasting ability to the next level.

Who is it for?

  • Those with a basic understanding of wine and enthusiasts looking to gain more knowledge of the main aromas of white wines
  • A WSET Level 2 qualification can be handy but this event will be enjoyable and educational for anyone with an interest in wine.

More about Sietze

  • Sietze is a wine and beer enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. With his company The Art of Tasting he delivers unique tastings, shares his knowledge about flavour chemistry and helps people become better tasters.
  • He has previously worked in England for a producer of flavour chemicals. Sietze is a student for the WSET Diploma, is an Advanced Cicerone®️, and has a MSc in Sensory Science.

Exploring aroma components in red wine

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Duration: 2 hours

Date: Friday May 5th 2023

Cost: €60* (incl. 21% IVA/VAT)

Hotel Europark, Barcelona
How to register:
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Registration deadline:
3rd May 2023


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